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Riccardo Patrese, 1986

Riccardo Patrese, 1986

Jacqueline White strikes a pose

(via mudwerks)


(via mudwerks)


Scott Kelly (L, with & Kjell Lindgren) in the NBL today: “Completed my spacewalk final exam underwater”


If you haven’t heard of the ‘Heartbleed’ security issue yet, you should probably read this.

If you’ve ever logged into a website, you’ve passed data over a secure connection. For the majority of websites on the internet (including, that secure connection is powered by a thing called OpenSSL. On April 7, researchers discovered a flaw in OpenSSL. This vulnerability, called Heartbleed, could have allowed attackers access to any of this data passed over a ‘secure’ connection, like password information. (For more information on Heartbleed, read this). For an overview of affected major sites, click here.

So what is Foursquare doing about this?

First, we’ve ensured that all of our systems, and the systems of vendors we use have been upgraded to the patched versions of OpenSSL without the vulnerability. This task was completed within 48 hours of it being disclosed publicly.

Second, we’ve recreated and re-deployed new SSL certificates and reset our internal credentials (basically, changed things that could have been compromised because of Heartbleed). We have also revoked our older certificates just to be safe. This task was completed by 7pm EST on April 10th.

As of right now, we have no indication that this vulnerability was used against That said, the nature of Heartbleed makes it hard to detect, so we’re encouraging great caution.

We recommend you change your Foursquare password (you can change it here). Frankly, we’d recommend you change your passwords on other websites, too.

If you’ve connected outside services with Foursquare, we recommend you disconnect and reconnect those (you can see connected apps here).

This is obviously a big issue for security on the internet. If you have any questions at all just reach out to our support team @4sqsupport. We’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Northern Thunder – Canadian Jaeger mech concept by Daryl Mandryk


Super Hornet


An Me-262 on the tarmac.


This is not just any font and style manager. You now have control over font size, line spacing, story layout, and type faces directly in the reading view. This nifty popover gives you quick access to all of these customizable features.


The type faces come from Hoefler & Co. (née Hoefler &…

Newsblur gets even more awesome!