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Boris Vallejo - Mindshadow, 1985.

Star Trek

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A Canadian CF-18 Hornet flies over Romania on June 27, 2014, during Operation Reassurance.

Ranger 7 ‘Meets’ the Moon

A Thor/Delta 316 launches with the Telstar 1 satellite from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 17B, July 10, 1962.

Image Credit: NASA

1989 NASA concept art shows a space vehicle that provides an articial-gravity environment for Mars exploration crews: ” The piloted vehicle rotates around the axis that contains the solar panels. Levels of artificial gravity vary according to the tether length and the rate at which the vehicle spans.”

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The 1973 Union City, Oklahoma tornado was the first tornado captured by the National Severe Storms Laboratory Doppler radar and chase personnel. (NOAA)

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Praxis’ explosion energy wave encountering USS Excelsior

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